Exercise is killing me.

19 Aug

Exercise makes me sore. Why would I want to do anything that makes me sore? I like for my muscles to feel nice and relaxed. I’m a good host. It’s just who I am.

Exercise makes my heart race. When I go to the doctor, he is usually a little concerned when he checks my pulse and finds that my heart is racing. It must not be a good thing.

Exercise makes it hard for me to breathe. Do I need to explain why that is bad? You can’t breathe, you DIE.

Exercise isn’t great for my back. I can’t do much bending, no twisting, and no lifting heavy shit. My only option I can come up with is some non-twisting dancing. I have no rhythm and have videos to prove it…or just ask Queen of the Couch. It’s not good.

Exercise doesn’t give me energy like people claim it will. It sucks my energy levels dry. I need my energy. How else will I care for my kids.

Exercise makes me feel like I’m dying. That can’t be good.

I’ll come up with more convincing excuses later. Until then, I guess I’ll have to get back to doing Zumba.


One Response to “Exercise is killing me.”

  1. Anonymous August 26, 2011 at 1:48 pm #

    I know it's tough. Even for me as a guy. 810lb leg press, 315lb dead lifts, 200lb calf raises etc, etc. All in the same day after a year an half of training have led me to increased strength, stamina. I tend to over do it at times and over train. You shouldn't overtrain and if you feel you're not capable of intense workout you should take off that day. After 3-4 days of heavy weight training I feel very exhausted. I put a day of rest in between and then take two days off. This rest brings me back to life of course. But exercise is not suppose to be easy. Making gains is about putting yourself through the pain to achieve success. You gradually will feel better about what your doing when you see some results. Just listen to your body as you probably have read thousands of times. It is the key to success and make sure you eat and sleep enough.

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