School Lunch…

15 Aug

is F’ing nas-tay. Unhealthy school lunch options is an issue that has gained more media attention in recent years. So much that I was shocked to see my daughter’s school lunch menu. I thought the media attention would have encouraged schools to shape up. I was so wrong.

Here’s the thing, my kids would LOVE to have pizza every single day for lunch..delicious, greasy pizza. If I actually fed my kids pizza every single day and admitted to it, I imagine I’d get more than a few “I’m judging you” looks. When the school feeds our kids pizza, or gives them the option of eating it everyday, too many parents think nothing of it. If the kids don’t want pizza, they can have chicken nuggets, a corndog, or another fried, greasy food..with fries.

Don’t get me wrong, I do not feed my kids the healthiest shit everyday. About 9 times out of 10, it comes out of a can or box. But my kids do get, at least, one healthy meal a day. Fortunately, my kids actually get more than one meal a day. There has also been more media focus on the fact that school lunch is the only meal that too many kids get all day. Shouldn’t we make that one meal a little less artery-clogging? It would also help me out in that, my kids one healthy meal a day–wouldn’t have to be cooked by yours truly. I could feel less guilty when I crack open that can of raviolis!

Also, I hate to say this, but I’m sitting in the Parent Pick-up line (as usual) and I can count at least 15 kids on the playground right now that do not appear to need anymore greasy foods. I see 8-9 year olds that look like they are on their way to a heart attack. I hope what I see on the playground is not a preview of what our future generations will be like. We better shape up FAST, or it will be!

Speaking of heart attacks and unhealthy food, I still believe in the right to a deliciously unhealthy desert once in a (frequent) while. Later tonight, I will be posting my very own recipe (meaning-I made it up, unless someone else had the same idea and I don’t know about it) for the desert I have named…
Banana Pudding/Pie Heart Attack!
You can be looking forward to that!

Undomesticated Housewife

I do pack my daughter’s lunch 4 out of the 5 school days each week. She is awesome and loves salad, blueberries, carrot sticks, or grape tomatoes for lunch. I’m not so lucky with the Samurai. I’d probably have to fry his salad if I wanted him to eat one. Packing his lunch will be fun next year.


2 Responses to “School Lunch…”

  1. Heather August 15, 2011 at 11:31 pm #

    Great post! I'm a teacher and I completely agree. It is very unhealthy, and it varies widely from district to district, state to state. My district has made some gains- but not many. We should be feeding the kids all non-processed foods, local produce, fresh healthy stuff.

  2. Undomesticated Housewife August 17, 2011 at 3:28 am #

    @HeatherThanks! It really is nasty! If there us actually something I know she'd really like, I see if she wants to eat what they are having. I try to encourage her to choose to take her lunch on those days too, by offering her some of her favorites in her lunch box. I'm so lucky with her though, I can bribe her with a SALAD. Processed applesauce is the worst thing she wants! Brother is going to be harder to convince, but I just might have to refuse him the option of eating school crap food!

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