Whatever you do, look good doing it.

18 Jul

After realizing that I wasn’t doing my part, or even a portion of my part around the house, I still tend to have some lazy days. He isn’t my boss and there is nothing he can do if I just sit on my ass all day, but it does ease the tension between me and my husband. We, obviously, tend to be a lot happier when we are balanced, rather than one more stressed than the other. Again, I do still have quite a few lazy days and, well, I still want to avoid the tension. Luckily, I managed to learn a few tricks for avoiding any smart-assy what the hell did you do all day? looks. God, I hope hubby never reads this!

One, make sure you’re doing SOMETHING when the spouse comes in. The thought that I’ve done nothing all day..it can’t even cross hubby’s mind when the first thing he sees is me doing some sort of housework. He might walk in to find me folding something up, wiping something off, or unloading the dishwasher. I occasionally even pick up that piece of trash (or three) that I’ve been staring at all day, trying to will it into the garbage can…because I didn’t feel like bending over to pick it up.

Two, look worn out. This isn’t hard, even sitting wears me out. I’m serious.

Finally, the most important of all: Whatever you do, look good doing it. I don’t want to look like I only rolled off the couch when necessary. I throw on some clothes, maybe even a dress & heels, and do something with my hair. If I feel like it, I even put on a little make up. Tie on a hawt apron, load the dishwasher, and DONE! I make sure the hubs comes in to find me slightly bent over loading the dishwasher, putting my famous homemade apple pie into the oven (if you make it at home, it’s homemade..just sayin’), or anything else that provides a decent viewing angle. It may seem extremely superficial, but I’m okay with that. Whatever works!

(Pictures later, maybe)


2 Responses to “Whatever you do, look good doing it.”

  1. Sondra July 18, 2011 at 9:56 pm #

    HAHAHA!! I love you Lacey!! This is awesome!

  2. marieclv54 July 19, 2011 at 3:33 pm #

    I love it and I probably have more lazy days than you. However I always try to cook a meal and keep the peace. Stop by and share with us, you have encouraged me, I'm going to try and do better. https://www.facebook.com/pages/Bloggers-Unite/227139297315313Also stop by read, enjoy and follow me: http://liars-cheaters-today.blogspot.com

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